18U - 16U Player Profile

Knight, Doug

Player Biography

Courtesy: Mudville Sports Information

Player Name: Doug Knight

Favorite Thing to Do (Other than baseball): Watch TV, hang with friends
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Musician: Not one favorite, like a lot of different musicians
Favorite Hobby: Play fetch with my golden retriever
Favorite Pro Baseball Player Most Like You: Jay Buhner, Dustin Pedroia
Favorite Sports Moment: Pitching my high school teamís first district playoff game

What made you decide to join Mudville?
Opportunity to play at high level of baseball with players who have desire to improve their skills and game.  Help me with my desire to play baseball at the next level.

What can you say about the Mudville coaching staff?
Coaches who have knowledge of the game, willing to help players with their goals, and the close knit team environment.

Whatís your first memory of Mudville?
Going to see Matt Boyd pitch

What do you love most about the sport of baseball?
The desire, hard-work mentality, team and individual challenges the game presents.

If you werenít playing baseball, what sport(s) would you be playing?

What kinds of things do you like to do away from the field?
Hang with friends, read, sleep, computer, watch TV, play fetch with my golden retriever, work to improve my game.

When you attend college, what do you intend to major in and why?
Math/history.  I would like to become a math/history or ASL teacher or maybe an accountant.

If baseball doesnít work out, what do you aspire to do after college? 
Become a teacher and coach, or accountant
Are you involved in the community? If so, what have you done? 
Yes, help put out flags on veterans graves for American Legion, community clean-up, senior center bingo, youth baseball/softball umpire.  Help with basketball camps.

Do you have any high school teammates, current or former, who will or already play college baseball? And where?
Yes, Skagit Valley College

Whatís the best advice youíve ever been given and by whom?
Always hustle, play hard and play the game the right way.  My dad who is a USA Baseball/high school coach.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions? If so, what are they?

What number have you worn in high school? Does it have any significance to you?
12.  I have worn number 12 as my dad wore that number when he coached.

If you could meet any three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
Jay Buhner, Dustin Pedroia, and Nolan Ryan

If you could visit one country youíve never been to, what would that be and why?
Cuba, The Netherlands because they have very good baseball programs and players.

Who was your favorite athlete growing up?
Jay Buhner, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Alan Embree

What is your favorite baseball team? 
Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies

What sporting event would you most like to see?
Game 7 World Series especially if Boston were playing

Whatís the most important thing fans should know about you?
I will be honest, play my hardest, compete to my full ability, but play with class and sportsmanship.  If I make mistakes I will learn from them and continue to improve.


High School Information
School: Stanwood Class Of: 2014
Position: RHP/UT Batting Average:
Ht: 5'-11" Wt: 160 Bat: R Throw: R

Academic Records
College Choice or Signed with: Skagit Valley College
Possible College Major: Undecided